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As soon as your cat is registered on you will have access to a link to a printable poster for your pet. Or you can create one yourself. Make sure it is clear with contact details and a good photo of your cat. 

Posters are a tried and tested way of finding your cat quickly. DO NOT rely solely on social media to get the word out, as not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Get as many posters up as you can ASAP. The more you put up the better chance you have of being reunited quickly.

Try to do the immediate area first and then further afield. 

Aim to put hundreds up, not just a handful. This can be a very daunting task, but local Dog Lost volunteers will help you, if you ask. 

Print them off, put them in plastic wallets with the open edge at the bottom, to keep them weatherproof and use tape, string, drawing pins or cable ties to attach them.

Poster at adult eye level height to ensure they are seen. If postering outside schools, try to put them at the eye level height of the children as well.

If you find posters are taken down, put them back up again. 

Where To Put Posters

In your car window

Ask friends and neighbours to display them in their windows and cars

Lamp posts and trees (make sure not to damage any tree when putting posters up)

Recycling bins

Recreation areas i.e. woodland, parks, walks or trails

Noticeboards in community centre, supermarkets, churches, doctors, dentists & shops

Outside schools

Ask milkmen and dustmen to put on their vehicles

Give them to golf course groundsmen and street cleaning professionals

Vets - find the full list of Surrey Heath vets here

Pet stores:
Bagshot Pets at Home
Comfort and Nourish, Bisley
Petfood Kingdom, Windlesham
Pets Corner, Camberley Town Centre
Pets Corner, Hillier Garden Centre, Windlesham
Two By Two, Ansell Road, Frimley

Takeaway restaurants

Local pubs - inside and out

Newsagents and convenience stores

Petrol stations

Post offices and off licences

Garden centres

Kennels and Catteries

Equestrian Centres

Sports Centres

Telephone and post boxes - expect to renew these, as they may get taken down in Surrey Heath

Bus stops and bus shelters - expect to renew these, as they may get taken down in Surrey Heath

Bus and train stations

Give out at taxi ranks and ask drivers to keep their eyes peeled