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Check any garden or patio areas close to your house.

Pay particular attention to hedges and under shrubs.

Garden features.

Under parked cars.

Outbuildings, such as tool sheds and garages.

Log piles and wood sheds.


If you dont have a garden, ask neighbours if you can access and check any property adjacent to yours.

Search in the same way you searched indoors. Approach the search methodically. If it helps, list places that need searching and tick them off the list as they are done. 

Gently shake a treats box if your cat is food orientated, but resist the temptation to call its name loudly.

Make sure you are quiet, as any sudden noises can scare your cat further and it may run. 

If possible, search the area in a radius of approximately 5 houses/gardens.

Enlist the help of neighbours if possible and ask them to check garages/sheds etc. 

If you return home, call your cat's name gently - make sure that only one or two people do this - or talk with your fellow searchers, so that if your cat is close, it will hear you.

It is possible once your pet has heard your voice, it may follow you home, but only call if you are returning and not when you begin the search, as you risk it folllowing you further away from the house.