Make a note of the location and the time you saw it and which direction it came from/went in

Rabbits are dawn and dusk animals so the time you see it can give clues about to its health and also when it might reappear

Look for any characteristics in behaviours (friendly, confident, nervous etc.)

If you can, take a photograph of the rabbit and the location you saw it

As rabbits are prey animals and usually very nervous, it is best if it is caught by experts

Follow the "Found Small Animal" advice on our website


Look under and behind sheds, hedges, bushes and in amongst shrubs and vegetation

Sit quietly in the area you last saw your rabbit and watch. Best times to do this is dawn and dusk, in summer this is usually around 6am and 7pm-9pm

Look for any pathways and activity that the rabbit might make e.g. look for tracks in the vegetation, any rabbit poo, and anywhere the rabbit might be staying for safety

Put down food and some tasty and tempting snacks (apple, grated carrot etc)
Once you've seen signs these are being eaten, keep placing food to both help the rabbit until you can catch it, but also encourage it to stay in one area

Put down water - water sources aren't always. easy to find, especially in hot weather

When it's dark look for signs of the eye reflected with a torch

Put up posters, inform neighbours and local vets, share on Facebook groups such as the Lost Pals Community group. If possible share details of where the bunny was lost, and pictures of your rabbit with a contact telephone number

Contact the microchip company

If the rabbit lives outdoors, leave their hutch and run open, or put a covered pet carrier in a safe place, so they can go into a safe environment. Place food and water in there