Surrey Heath Borough Council no longer offers a full Dog Warden service. Instead they use a contractor who operates a Dog Collection service for contained dogs only. This means that you must have caught and contained the dog in a building/garden or enclosure before they can attend. 

Please see our Page On Reporting Lost Dogs

Catching Loose Dogs

Dogs running loose can be difficult to catch. They may be scared and can run from you if approached. NEVER CHASE OR TRY TO GRAB a loose stray dog.

Please see our Stop, Drop, Think poster for tips on how to coax a loose dog to you.  

Please also see our guide on how to catch a scared dog, for more information. 

If the dog is on the Highway and likely to cause an accident, call 999.

Register on Dog Lost

You can register any sighted loose dog for free at

Add it to the Found section, but note SIGHTED ONLY.
If you can take a photo, add that too. The site will then email all local Dog Lost Volunteers with the details and you will be able to share the link via social media. Local Dog Lost members may well be able to assist in catching the dog.

Facebook and Social Media

Post details of any sighted loose dog on local social media sites, along with photos.