Due to an unexpected nationwide weather phenonemon in mid June 2021 there has been a large amount of displaced racing pigeons found locally in Surrey Heath. Nationwide over 2500 have been displaced. 

Contrary to popular belief, most racing pigeon owners will be desperate to find them and get them safely back home.

Should you find one grounded in your property, the link to the official advice from The Royal Racing Pigeon Society is here: Click this link

But the basics:

Use bird seed or crushed cornflakes, and some water in a deep dish. Please DO NOT GIVE BREAD to a racing pigeon.

Once the racing pigeon has been fed and watered, a bit like a ‘pit-stop’, it usually continues its journey home.

Please remove the source of any food after a maximum of 48 hours or when it starts to fly, after which it can find its own food and water.

A racing pigeon may continue to stay in the same location for 7-10 days, roosting on roofs or in trees. A pigeon will not complete the last part of its homeward journey if food is readily available via bird tables and feeders – so it’s best to clear the decks!

After two days (or if the pigeon is injured or showing signs of distress) it may be necessary to contain the bird in a cardboard box or small animal carrier to protect it from other predators. This will prevent any further injury to the bird and prevent it flying away.

If you find a ring number: 

You can contact the Royal Racing Pigeon Association online or call them on 01452 713529 so they can help reunite the birds with their keepers.